Crash Bash

Crash Bash 4.9

A party video game from the Crash Bandicoot series
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Engage in knockdown drag-out matches with up to four human or computer-controlled players. Defeat opponents by reducing their health to zero or knocking them out in different ways. Complete 28 levels in the Adventure mode or access unlockable additional content.

Crash and his friends are back in a knockdown drag-out arena rumble. That's right. Think fast and play fast! Frantic, head-to-head battles, heart-pumping chases, exploration and adrenaline-rushing races for points.

All-time favourite characters - get ready to rumble. Crash, Coco, Dingodile, Tiny Koala Kong, Dr. Neo Cortex, N. Brio and new baddie Rilla Roo.

Adventure, Battle and Tournament modes deliver nothin' but fun! Take it solo, Team play or plug in the Multitap and show your friends who's really top bandicoot.

More than 30 competitive events and tons of rides! Tanks, pogo sticks, hover ships, polar bears and more! This isn't conventional warfare, but then again, Crash isn't a conventional bandicoot.

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